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Dallas Landscape Design

Every landscaping project begins with a vision. It's up to our trained team to take that vision, create a design that takes that vision to concept and closer to a reality. A creative, detailed and functional landscape design is the foundation for the landscaping project for your Dallas home or commercial property. It creates accountability, protecting your investment and will ensure long term success of your . Furthermore, we believe in full transparency throughout the entire process and educate our clients from conception to completion of the landscaping project.

Landscaping Design Process

Our goal to go beyond our clients expectations on every landscape project we are involved with. At the end of the day, we want to create that beautiful outdoor landscape for your Dallas, TX home that you've always envisioned. The first step to create a beautiful landscape is the design process.

  • Onsite Consultation


    After an initial phone consult, we will schedule an onsite consultation to scope the project and discuss the landscape design cost. At this time, we will also get a copy of the existing site plan if available.

  • Create Landscape Design


    Once we have a complete understanding of the project, we will create the master landscape design. The design will clearly mark where all hardscape and softscape elements will be located. Irrigation changes, if needed, as well as drainage will also be included in the design.

  • Landscape Design Review


    After the master landscape design is completed, we will meet and review the design, discuss any additions, subtractions or changes.

  • Review Final Design


    Once we've made all adjustments and reached a final design, we will meet to go over the cost of construction as well as timetable for completion.

If you have additional landscape design questions or need to schedule a consultation for your yard, contact Lawn Service and Landscaping today!

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