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Dallas Lawn Aeration, Composting Service

An often over looked, but key component to achieving a healthy Dallas lawn is aeration and composting. By aerating and applying a compost the roots receive a valuable and often untapped source of nutrients. Scheduling aeration service at the proper intervals will do wonders for your soil and set you up for long term success.

With our aeration and composting program your turf will get two outstanding benefits. First, the turf enhancement received from this truly organic process is extremely beneficial and your soil will now retain moisture much more efficiently. This second benefit of retaining moisture better results in less watering, lowering your monthly water bill. So not only do you help your soil reach healthy status, you save some money as well.

Dallas Lawn Aeration Basics

The experts agree and say that you should aerate at least once per year. Most will say that during the cooler months in the fall is the best time to aerate, however we often aerate in the early spring as well, just before the growing season begins. In some cases you may need to aerate in the fall and the spring, but this is usually reserved for turf that have a very high amount of foot traffic which compacts the soil at a much faster rate. Before deciding which aeration frequency is best for you, we will walk your property and discuss traffic patterns and overall usage, testing the soils along the way.

  • Promotes a lush green yard
  • Aids in loosening compacted soil
  • You will have fewer weeds to deal with
  • Allows nutrients and water to reach its target, less waste, less money

Dallas Composting Basics

One of the most effective way to keep your Dallas lawn healthy and lush is to compost a few times each year. Composting is preferred by many home owners because it's safe for kids and pets and because its organic, you no longer have to use chemical based fertilizers.

Compost makes a great fertilizer, besides having key elements like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, it also contains trace nutrients not found in many commercial fertilizers.

  • Promotes a lush green yard and helps plants too
  • It won't burn your grass if you over apply
  • Increases organic matter to your soil
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Cheaper than buying fertilizers

Would you like to build your own compost bin? Check out this helpful blog post on how to compost

If you have additional questions or need to schedule aeration for your yard, contact us today!

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