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Dallas Lawn Care Services

Our lawn care services are tailored to meet the demands of the Dallas area and its particular topography and climate. Over the years we have mastered a formula for our turf enrichment program that keeps your grass at its best all year long. Even during non growing periods we have techniques to keep your yard healthy, disease free and ready for the next growing season.

We believe their are three critical components to the quality and performance of your soil and grass. Without these components working in harmony, your turf will not reach its full potential.

Year Around Turf Enrichment Dallas, TX

In order for your grass to realize its maximum potential all year long, a proven and consistent turf enrichment program is needed. We offer the following services for your yard to help achieve that year around lush and beautiful look.

  • Fertilization


    A good fertilization schedule is imperative for your Dallas yard. Whether you choose our organic options or go with a chemical based fertilizer, we will consult with you and together make the best educated decision for your yard. All our fertilizers combine a fast-release and slow-release to ensure a consistent performing grass throughout the growing season.

  • Disease Control


    Our trained technicians will walk around and inspect your yard on every visit for diseases like brown patch, dollar spot and fairy rings just to name a few. If we find a disease, we will diagnose and discuss the treatment options with you.

  • Weed Control


    The best defense against weeds is a strong and healthy dense grass that our custom formulated fertilization programs provide. However, some yards may require a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring and fall fertilization application. We also offer a post emergent herbicides that can be applied if needed. Would you like to learn more about how to keep those crazy weeds out of your yard? Take a look at this blog post on How To

    Blog Post

  • Tree and Shrub Care


    Our tree and shrub care programs are designed to promote growth, while controlling diseases and insects. We will inspect your trees and shrubs and if any diseases or insect infestation is found, we will diagnose and then consult with you about the treatments options. One of the most common questions we get is, "can we prune our trees in the fall season?" To find out click on the Blog post tab.

    Blog Post

If you have additional questions or need to schedule service for your yard, contact Lawn Service and Landscaping today!

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