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Dallas Organic Lawn Care

Over the years we have developed a proven process for organic lawn care in the Dallas area. We have discovered that many of our clients would like to find alternatives to using chemically based fertilization treatments. Choosing organically produced products and methods eliminates the dangers from long term exposure from synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Using our organic formula we can produce beautiful results that can benefit our own world as well as the generations that follow us.

Natural Lawn Care Formula Dallas, TX

Our success comes from the natural lawn care formula, or secret sauce if you will, we've created that we've perfected over time. The following is a brief description of the steps we follow using our all natural formula to create a beautiful and healthy yard using all naturally produced products and techniques.

  • Use Organic Fertilizers


    When a client chooses organic care for their property, naturally we will provide fertilizers that use only organic nutrients to feed your soil and turf. We will use specially formulated slow release products that provide a healthy shade of green for your grass. For most turfs, a spring and fall application is all that is needed.

  • Mow Higher And Recycle Clippings


    Another step in our organic care process is to mow your grass at a higher setting and return the clippings to the soil. We use our mulching mower, with specific mulching blades to cut your grass and recycle the clippings providing valuable nutrients to your soil, that often go unused and wasted. Also to reduce the overall stress to your lawn, we cut off a specific length each time.

  • Water Deeply, But Less Often


    By watering deeper, you have a better chance of penetrating the root zone. Each property, depending on its grass type will require a slightly different amount of water needed to flourish. We will discuss your watering needs to ensure you know exactly how much water is needed so it can flourish.

  • Aeration And Composting


    Aeration and composting are both an integral part of any successful organic lawn care program. By aerating, you give your soil the ability to better take in nutrients and water. This process, along the composting basics can be viewed on our aeration and composting page.

If you have additional questions or need to schedule organic lawn service for your yard, contact us today!

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