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Dallas Lawn Service Company

Are you tired of looking for a reliable lawn service company in the Dallas area? Well, look no more. You can count on us to not only give your yard that look you've always dreamed of, but provide on time reliable care. Our desire it to give you a front and backyard you can be proud of, but also a rich turf you can enjoy with your family and friends. A nice lush turf invites you to kick off those shoes and feel the soft green grass as you make your way around your yard.

Overview of Services

Company wide, we know Dallas and its somewhat challenging topography and offer an extensive turf enrichment program to help you achieve that beautifully manicured outdoor space you've always desired. We will layout a service package regardless of the type of grass you may have designed specifically for Dallas's unpredictable climate. We will survey your grounds in detail insuring a treatment plan specifically designed for you. You will receive year around treatments using the appropriate applications to ensure a trouble free beautiful yard for your enjoyment.

Our services include the following offerings:

  • Aeration and Composting


    Aerating and composting is an excellent way to feed and build a beautiful lush turf the natural way. This particular service will greatly improve the overall health of your yard and can be used in conjunction with organic fertilizers for optimal turf enrichment. Aeration gives your yard a chance to open up, breath take in nutrients, like water and the sun. Should be performed twice a year. To learn more about this offering, click the read more button or give us a call anytime to discuss your options.

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  • Turf Care


    Our year around turf enrichment packages are designed to fit the needs of the soils and grasses found in the Dallas, TX area. If you've imported an uncommon strain for your yard, I'm sure we can help you out as well. We've researched and perfected several formulas for different strains of grass and will discuss the best treatment options for your yard. To learn more about our year around turf care, give us a call anytime or click the read more button.

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  • Mowing Services


    Our company offers both residential and commercial mowing services for the greater Dallas area. To bag or to not bag, that is the question. Mowing grass is more than just coming in and taking some off the top. We will identify the optimal height for your property and discuss the best mowing frequency to ensure a happy and healthy lawn. To inquire about about either our residential or commercial mowing services, give us a call anytime or fill out the quote form located on the home page.

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  • Organic Lawn Care


    Using all organic products is quickly becoming the preferred treatment for many of our clients. By treating your soil and grass in a natural way, you create a safer environment for children, pets and yourself. Choosing to go organic is fairly simple and we would be more than happy to discuss the treatment options with you. If you would like to speak with us about your organic options, give us a call or fill out the quote form located on the home page of our company website.

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  • Sod Installation


    Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia are three popular grass options for the Dallas area. Each of these different strains of grass have different varieties with different characteristics and price points to fit your soil type and budget. Give us a call anytime to learn more about your strain of grass options or click the read more button to learn what sets our company apart during a grass installation project

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If you have additional questions or need to schedule lawn service for your yard, contact Lawn Service and Landscaping today!

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