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Dallas Sod Installation Company

Save time, energy and money by letting our grass installation team put new sod in your yard. Our turf management and installation team can help you choose and install any strain of grass you desire. As you know, Dallas has a particularly unique climate and topography that offers many challenges. Over the years we've learned which type of grass will work best based on the amount of sun or shade and water your yard receives. All sod is not created equally, so let the our experienced team help you the next time your looking for new sod or to your repair your existing lawn..

Picking the correct sod is only a small part of successfully laying down new grass or making a repair to an exciting lawn. Everything starts at preparing the soil. Without this vital step performed correctly, you are setting yourself up for a potential failure down the road. Read more about the meticulous steps of soil preparation we make before laying down the very first piece of grass in this blog post here.

New Grass Installation Process

To ensure that your new grass will flourish once installed, we follow our tried and true formula when it comes to installing grass. The following is a basic outline for our sod installation process.

  • Soil Preparation and Leveling


    Your sod installation begins with the proper foundation. This includes using a rototiller to break up your current soil and or adding the proper amount of new topsoil to the area where your grass is to be installed. We will then grade the soil where the sod will be installed, leaving the proper depths around hardscapes and walkways.

  • Installation


    Our installation team has years of experience with installing new grass in the Dallas area. We only use fresh cut turf strains that is found in our area to ensure the best possible install and future success. Once the install is complete, we will roll the new turf to establish good root to soil contact to achieve optimal success down the road.

  • Fertilization


    Some turf farms provide us with sod that has fertilizer in it already. If it has not been fertilized from the farm, then the next step we do will be to add fertilizer. This step gives new grass some extra nutrients to boost the installation.

  • Watering Your New Grass


    The fourth ingredient every strain of turf needs is water. We will water the newly installed yard within thirty minutes of installation. We will also discuss your future watering schedule to ensure that your yard will flourish for years to come.

Additional questions or to schedule installation or repairs for your yard, contact us today!

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